100th Birthday Catering!
10 / 02 / 17

Happy Birthday Claire!

It’s not everyday that we at Fabulous Catering are able to have the privilege of catering for a 100th birthday party!

2017-02-10 14.09.14

With letters from the Queen and the Governor General, it was a special day indeed!

Born in 1917, Claire has lived through 2 World Wars, the Vietnam War, and seen huge technology improvements, such as the computer, mobile phones, even cars and aircraft travel becoming the norm that we take for granted! She has seen the TV becoming a normal appliance in everyones home, the whole reason you can read this text on your screen now, the invention of the internet in 1969 (as we know the www in 1989), as well as man landing on the moon in 1969!

2017-02-10 14.42.29

A hot delivery was requested for this function, with some great choices of savories for an afternoon tea, such as Pepper Beef pies, prawn skewers, miniature pizzas, Risotto balls, and cold options like tandoori chicken on cucumber rounds, and antipasto boards! Our special technology allows our food to stay piping hot, crispy and delicious for up to 3.5 hours! Margaret (head waiter) was able to focus on serving guests and attending to anything required.

As a rare function that comes up, Fabulous was happy to provide a staff member at no charge to really make the day something special, as well as a cake platter for afterwards with tea and coffee provisions.

2017-02-10 14.47.08

Fabulous Catering can provide catering at any location, at any time, for any amount of people for any function! Literally from 1st birthday catering through 100th birthday catering! There is nothing we cannot do.


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