Top 3 Winter Office Catering Ideas
17 / 05 / 18

Office catering can be easier than you’d expect. Whether it’s for a meeting, workshop, training session, lunch or anything else, don’t go it alone to leave everyone disappointed.

We’ve put together our Top 3 Office Winter Catering Ideas to help keep spirits warm and the positivity flowing with some hearty food that’s sure to warm up the board room.


Early Riser

Early meetings can be annoying, especially if everyone is still half asleep. Wake everyone up and fill them with energy to start the day with some breakfast catering.

Why not try a Pancake Station with choice of many toppings?

Or maybe you want to allow everyone to network in a relaxed environment with some stand-up food.




Spoiled for choice

We know that not everyone in the office likes the same things, especially when there are a wide variety of dietary requirements too. A buffet will give people so much choice, they won’t know what to eat!

If you’re worried about peoples’ dietary requirements, why not download our checklist to make sure no one missed out on delicious food.


Spit Roast

A spit roast is a perfect option for the colder months! Really impress guests, clients and colleagues with a selection of fine meats that are sure to warm up bellies.




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