Top 5 Awkward Party Moments
24 / 01 / 17

You’ve spent months planning and organising and it’s finally the day. You’ve set everything up, guests have arrived… and that’s when it goes downhill.

Whether you’re holding a private party or wedding or a corporate function for the office, everyone wants to avoid those awkward party moments and food blunders that can really ruin everything!

Here’s our Top 5 Awkward Party/Event Moments and how you can avoid a catering catastrophy.


Food stuck in teeth

Although this is hilarious for others, we can’t think of a scenario it would be very funny for you. Imagine you’re giving your speech at the wedding, you’ve been practicing for months… and you’ve got leftover steak stuck in your teeth.



Forced to try someone’s homemade dish

We’ve all been there. Birthdays, Christmas, engagements and office parties; someone is guaranteed to bring their Grandma’s homemade recipe for everyone to try. You’ll try to keep a straight face but you know it doesn’t taste good.

Plan ahead and make sure your guests know that you’ve organised a delicious spread of food, whether it’s a buffet, antipasto board or a sit down meal. We have plenty to choose from.


Spilled drinks

Another regular occurrence. It’s the worst when you’ve spent hours getting ready and you’ve ironed your brand new white shirt or dress. An hour into the party, and you’ve spilled red wine all over yourself while carrying your drinks!

Avoid a tense situation at the drop of a glass by having professional wait staff. They promise they won’t spill any on your new clothes.



Forgot to cater for people’s needs

It can be upsetting for some people who can’t eat certain things and not everyone can eat the same as everyone else. It’s important to cater for everyone, especially when they have specific dietary requirements such as dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and more.

Avoid an awkward situation by making sure you plan ahead and cater for everyone’s needs, no matter what they are. Download our dietary requirements checklist to help you. You can also take a look at our special diet menus. We have a wide range to help cater for all needs.


Spilled Food

Whether you’ve spilled food over yourself or dropped the main dish on the floor, we’ve all done it. Avoid the awkward moment where you have to tell your guests there’s no more food by organising professional waiting staff. Our menus also come with serving equipment to make your life so much easier, giving you more time to really enjoy the event.

Young man wearing stained t-shirt holding hot-dog



Awkward party moments, we’ve seen it all. That’s how we’ve come to be so reputable for party, event and function catering and also managing events. You can contact us here if you’d like to discuss how we can make your event special, without the unpleasant hickups and disasters.