5 Characters You’ll Meet At The Races
09 / 08 / 18

Spring Racing Carnival is well on its way, and this year promises the same glitz, glamour and absolute crowd savagery as the last.

Let’s be honest, while it’s always exhilarating to see the horses fly towards the finish line, those 15 minutes are nothing compared to the sheer hilarity and madness that’s produced by the crowd throughout the whole day.

Here’s a list of the usual suspects you’re sure to be seeing at this year’s races.

  1. The (super) Keen Fashionista

Whether she’s a full time or part time model (most likely the latter cause “she’d still need to keep her regular job”- Flight of The Conchords), you will most definitely see one particular lass who dresses up to the nines and a bit more. Actually turn that up to 11. She most likely has a fashion blog which she will be taking pictures for. Lots, and lots of pictures…


  1. Young Larrikins

Expect baby faced teens or newly turned 20 year olds making their way to this year’s event, boozed up from drinks at their private school mate’s place (his parent’s inner suburb mansion) because they have no idea how to pace themselves with liquor or life in general. These guys usually make the largest spectacle with their unrestrained antics and general bad behavior. Rowdiness, vomiting, mooning (and consequently more vomiting) are sure to ensue.


  1. Wealthy Horse Owners

Just kidding, you won’t actually be able to see them as they’ll be sitting in their ivory marquees out of view from us mere plebs.


  1. The Horse Expert Who May Really Know Nothing

He might not even be a professional or he may know exactly what he’s talking about. One thing for sure is that he will be audible all around the grounds. This guy is the person whose voice will become increasingly more irritating as he constantly boasts his equine knowledge, regardless of whether you want to hear it or not. He’ll give you a play by play commentary of every horse if you ask and also if you don’t.


  1. The guy who is just there for the freebies

Probably the bulk of us fall under this description. If there’s a goodie bag hand out, you’re likely someone to take more than one, and don’t get me started on food. Your hands will usually be found juggling as many ouer d’oeuvres as physically possible. That’s where the fabulous catering team come in. Whether you’re hosting an event at the races in a corporate capacity or running a fancy event at home (thus avoiding the above troublemakers), we’ve got spreads and menus that are perfect for the style and size of your event.


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Happy Spring Races!