5 Things to Remember For a Killer 40th/50th Birthday
27 / 01 / 18

Birthdays are big enough celebrations as it is, so making sure you have a stand out 40th/50th means ticking off the essentials from your list. Here are 5 things to consider when planning your ultimate party liaison.

Invites for the right crowd:

Before all else, make sure you’ve got the right crowd invited. There’s no point having a whole bunch of fuddy-duddies over if you’re trying to rock a fierce fiesta. Just make sure the attendees are suited for the type of party you have in mind. Leave the snobs at the door!

Snobs final

Themed Decorations:

Everyone loves a themed party! Why not spice up your average birthday with a Mexican motif, or even get everyone to dress up in costumes. With your choice of party style in mind, begin purchasing decorations and paraphernalia that’ll bring your concept together and add that extra bit of flare to your shindig.



If you’re planning on inviting a group of people who are either new to each other’s company, or are generally very shy, having games can really help break the ice and get the conversation flowing like wine (also wine helps with this issue). Getting some conversation cards set up at tables can really help people open up to each other, while funny board games or races can help loosen ties. Unless…it’s a tie tying game you’re playing…



Arguably the most important facet of any party, especially if you want everyone to rip up the dancefloor. A good way to organize your song selection is by starting off with some chill beats to warm up the conversation and act as filler sounds for those awkward quiet moments. Then when the crowd has gotten comfortable, add some beats that’ll lubricate their knees and get them swaying. The pinnacle of your curated list should include songs that make everyone bust a move till the wee hours of the morning as well as look like this..

giphy (50)


While most people don’t give good food a second thought after consuming it, a really terrible meal will be the talk of the town for years to come. Make sure that you go above and beyond by providing tasty morsels that’ll not only satiate your guests but blow them away! If you’re serving up finger foods, try some unique hors d’huerves to mix things up a bit. Gourmet never goes unappreciated. For proper meals, go with a menu that suits your theme as well as meets everyone’s dietary requirements.


With so many options available and a stellar team of hospitality specialists, Fabulous Catering can create the perfect palette of foods for your event. We’ll be there from the decision making process right up to the delivery to make sure it’ll be an occasion to remember.

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