Catering for Special Dietary Requirements
20 / 04 / 17


It’s an awful feeling when you order catering but forget to think about people with special diets.

Well fortunately, we offer a huge range of different menus for those with dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, dairy free and more!

Did you know the number of Australian adults whose diets are all or almost all vegetarian is almost 2.1 million? We’ve got those covered.

Take a look below at some of the options we offer or take a look at our full menus here!

We can cater for any budget, customise your catering packages and provide all serving and cooking equipment. We can even provide staffing!

Email us to try out some samples and receive a voucher for your next platter order too! 

Visit our website to see our options or call 1300 850 720 and we can help you with your needs with the highest quality, service and expertise.


Dietary Hot Platters



Dietary Cold Platters



Dietary Fingerfood



Dietary Buffets


Unsure of what you want? We can create a custom menu!

Think your requirements might be a bit more demanding than usual? We don’t.

Our team is always ready and able to provide a custom catering solution that meets and exceeds your needs, because your satisfaction is essential to us.