Cultural Christmas: 5 Holiday Traditions from Around the Globe.
02 / 11 / 17

Customised Cuisine Christmas Catering (say that 3x quickly). Here are some menus and traditions from around the world that we can provide to your home right here in straya!

Mexican Christmas: Santa Maria! If you’re after a Mexican Christmas, be ready to see some adorable Mexican nativity scenes with Joseph donning a sombrero and the animals with bigotes. Pinatas are a common center piece at most parties (instead of a tree) while kids write gift request letters to the 3 wise men instead of Santa.

Celebrations are always followed by a spicy meal including tamales and buñuelos amongst other delicious things.


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American Christmas: If there’s one thing Americans know how to do, its throwing a holiday party, 100% paraphernalia and enthusiasm included. In your typical US suburb around this time of year thanksgiving mannequins will be making their way down with fairy lights and full scale reindeers and sleighs being placed on perfectly manicured lawns.

A traditional feast should show case the European regulars; turkey, cranberry sauce, mash and plenty of other familiar favourites.


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Greek Christmas: Stepping through a town in Greece come Christmas time will mean Christmas carolers and plenty of local treats, including festive breads, baklava and the most succulent spit roasts to ever come across your path. Lamb and pork usually find their spot on the family table while fire places stay burning to keep out mischievous spirits who may attempt to spoil household milk supplies or cause a ruckus.

Here’s an image of a popular bread made called “Christopsomo”, which translates into “Christ’s Bread”.


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Italian Christmas: Nativity scenes once again make their way into local house golds, while a special mass is held on Christmas eve. At this time, no meat or dairy eaten but rather a seafood platter is shared with friends and family.

The most delicious of the treats would have to be the popular “panettone”, a dry fruity sponge cake usually consumed with a hot chocolate. These are also often given as gifts to families visiting for the festive season.


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Chinese Christmas: With the holiday becoming more and more popular in the country due to international trade, Christmas is usually celebrated with plenty of singing and more and more costumes, which is pretty ironic cause most plastic Christmas trees and festive decorations are made in China, yet they don’t use them!

A tradition that is becoming more and more popular is wrapping an apple in festive paper and giving it to friends as a gift.

The family feasts would usually be the same amazing cuisine popular amongst the Chinese community. Think dumpling, steamed and fragrant greens as well as traditional red bean sweets.

WUHAN, CHINA - DECEMBER 24: People dressed as Santa Claus dance 'Gangnam Style' on Christmas Eve on December 24, 2012 in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China. PHOTOGRAPH BY China Foto Press / Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W

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If you want to mix things up this Christmas, the team at Fabulous Catering are here to add that little bit of culture to your event. Contact our super keen bean crew for more details on menus and we’ll have you sorted!