Dough-nut Walls And Why You Need Them!
06 / 10 / 17

Want to add a bit of pizzazz to your next event. Not solely consigned to hipster weddings and Instagram worthy hen’s events, the dough-nut wall is THE must have edible feature of any event.

From land mark celebrations to corporate events that need an injection of fun, the dough-nut wall is sure to become 2018’s staple dessert item, no matter the cause for celebration.

Here’s how it works. A perforated surface is fixed with prongs which the doughnuts are balanced on. While Fabulous Catering provides this to your event, you can go all out and choose colours that apply to your branding and the colour scheme of your event.

Check out some of these great walls for some inspiration.





For more details on how we can put up a doughnut wall at your next event, contact us today and we’ll connect with you with some party savvy staff who can make your doughnut wall dreams a reality!