Footy Finals Traditions
15 / 09 / 17

Footy finals are coming up and you can simply feel it in the air. The sun is out, small birds are landing on people’s shoulders, spontaneous song and dance springs forth from the average lay person as they make their way down the street.

With all the excitement bursting forth, footy traditions we love are making their annual debut once again. We thought we’d showcase some of our favorites in this week’s latest article to inspire our readers as well as just to have a good laugh. Don’t ask why…. just enjoy, here they are.

Gwen: “Being the part of an immigrant family, we tried to assimilate into Australian culture by combining our traditions with the local holidays. When we were invited by our neighbours to watch the Footy Finals, we resolved not to show up empty handed. In true polite Canadian fashion, my mother baked a pumpkin pie. We’ve been baking pies this time of year ever since”.


(When in Rome!)

James: “Every September season my boss mutates into a beast whose unquenchable hunger can only be satiated with football related paraphernalia and activities. Everyone in the office “gets to” (non-negotiable) wear their team colours while he scarfs down party pies as he watches his office monkeys have punting competitions, like he’s Caesar at the Colosseum…. it’s actually pretty good”.

Are You Not Entertained-!

Stephen: “Footy finals are always reserved for me and my high-school friends. No one else is invited, probably because it’s too embarrassing for anyone to else to see what we get up to. While watching the game is our main focus, we intersperse our activities with Japanese game-show like activities that could probably result in a lawsuit or serious injury (or both). The following includes reenacting goals and player facial expressions in slow motion, pie eating competitions and stacking as many people on each other’s shoulders till the human structure collapses into the pool. All safe stuff really”


(Climbing up the social ladder)

Barb: “I’m not really big on groups by choice. During footy I usually just watch the match on my laptop, alone by choice too. I usually just buy enough of my favourite foods to last the match and sit there watching and eating, my crisps often being salted by my tears of loneliness….by choice of course.”


No matter what your footy traditions are, be sure that you’ve got a spread that’ll fuel your guests for one of the most riveting events of the year. Whether you’re after simple finger foods for a corporate occasions or a whole crate of party pies for your next eating competition, we’ve got exactly what you need to make this year’s footy final one to remember!