Fun Wedding Catering Ideas
29 / 01 / 18


Some popular trends for keeping your wedding guests happy and fed

5 years ago, we here at Fabulous Catering asked all our brides-to-be to sum up their wedding in one word. The resounding answer, in most cases, was “elegant”.  We conducted that same survey earlier this year, and now the vast majority used the word “fun”.

This defines a huge shift in the landscape of the wedding industry; it is all about getting good friends, family, food and wine all together in one big melting pot and enjoying the day, in your own unique way!

Here are some fun wedding catering ideas we’ve seen become popular over the last season.

  • Lemonade Stand

This quirky throwback to the classic idea of children selling freshly squeezed lemonade on the sidewalk for 20 cents a cup is a beautiful idea for a wedding. Set up a table with old fence palings in front of it, with mason jars or other old-school glasses of ice cold lemonade ready to greet your guests.

This is  a wonderful idea for summer weddings out in the sun; it’ll give something to keep your friends and family happy while they’re waiting for the bride to arrive.

  • Candy Buffet

This one has been around for a while now, but it’s still going just as strong! It’s a great talking point, and lets your guests take an edible, personalised bonbonniere home that you haven’t had to spend any time putting together.

One of the best things about candy is that it comes in all different flavours and colours, meaning you can easily match it to the motif of your wedding.

  • Jam Jars

We’re not talking about the stuff you spread on your toast in the morning. Jam jars refer to the craze of creating delicious looking and tasting cocktails in jam and mason jars. This is a great thing to kick off the reception with, while all your guests are waiting for the wedding party to arrive.

To make sure things aren’t over-complicated, stick to 3 or so flavours, with a non-alcoholic option in there too.

  • Mini Meals

This isn’t just a trend at weddings, but in hospitality establishments all over. The idea of making mini creations of your favourite foods – Wagyu beef burgers, lasagne, chicken parmigiana and lamb ragu with potato puree are just at the tip of the iceberg – is something that seems to really delight people.

You can follow this trend easily at your wedding, with the expert finger food caterers at Fabulous Catering!

We’ve been in the industry for long enough to be able to provide ideas, tips and advice when it comes to your special day. On top of that, we offer premium wedding catering that is sure to keep you, your friends, and your family happy.

Talk to us today about how we can help with the planning of your nuptials.