Melbourne Cup Party Time!
25 / 10 / 17

We can’t all be out celebrating at the track, but hosting a Melbourne Cup party in the office can still be a great way to celebrate the race season. So whether your office is small or large, here are some top tips to hosting an outstanding race day office party!

  1. Email out invites to all your staff – make sure everyone is aware and like any other event make sure your staff is around and doesn’t have any clashing meetings.
  2. Build the anticipation early in the day by organizing your sweeps
  3. Include a late lunch as part of the event, put on a lunch before the main race so everyone is in the zone and ready to win the sweep!
  4. Getting a caterer for the event takes pressure of the staff and management team. Contact us for our race day packages
  5. Make sure you have enough crockery, cutlery and glassware – nothing worse than having to drink the champagne from a coffee mug
  6. Make sure your TV is sorted prior to the day so there are no last minute glitches
  7. Gather together a few prizes and play some fun office games in order to win
  8. Encourage your staff to dress up and get involved. You can even have a best dressed prize!


It’s all about sweeps!

Sweepstakes are a fantastic way for your staff to have a little bet to celebrate the day whether they are experts or rookies. They are easy to run and there are heaps of handy templates online for you to download from the 4th of November.  It’s a good idea to get an idea off your staff on who is interested in betting and use that as a guide as to how many sweeps to run throughout the afternoon.



Get catered.

We have a number of fantastic menu options for the whole spring racing calendar. By getting a caterer to take care of all your food needs, it allows yourself and your staff to enjoy your day and your lunch without racing around town making sure everyone’s needs are met!

Banquet table, selective focus, canon 1Ds mark III


Why not make the office party even more exciting with some games and entertainment? Host a fashion parade with your dressed up staff – Best hat, best frock, best suit, best overall look, best shoes and best accessories… Why not use this opportunity to hand out some of those prizes!

Melbouren races


If you’re not already sold, why not check out our catering options to see how we can help you prepare a menu that’ll have your staff fed and fired up for the cup race ahead!