Non Christmas-y Christmas Catering
06 / 12 / 17


By Fabulous Catering, December 6th, 2017


Try something new and switch it up with these unique and delicious menus this Christmas!

When you think of the holiday period, you think “festive, fun, delicious food and drinks” but sometimes it turns into “stress, organising and a large bill”

What better way to cut the worry and stress in half than to get catering- not have to cook or prepare, but put your focus on the fun and excitement of the holiday season!

Here at Fabulous Catering, we love to provide all aspects of catering, traditional and non-traditional. So if you aren’t into the glazed ham and a mountain of peas, we have some awesome alternatives that will excite and surprise your guests.


Delicious non-traditional entrees

healthy-lunhc-package-300x204  prawn-mint-lemon-skewers-77940-1

Choose from our sushi selections to customise
and create your very own special menu of your choice


Seafood selections from our premium menu,
delivered to you hot and ready to serve.

Our favourite non-traditional mains

FabulousCatering_BBQ shutterstock_65468335---Copy

When only the best will do!
Our gourmet BBQ menu involves options of seafood.


The best way to enjoy our high-quality meats is
undoubtedly a spit roast. Browse our mouth-watering options here.


Non-traditional finger food platters

vietnamese-rice-paper-rolls-30285-1  shutterstock_134661as839
30 pieces of mixed Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Pork, prawn and vegetarian varieties.


This platter contains 40 pieces of fingerfood from our gourmet range of Asian varieties!