Top 3 Popular Wedding Themes in 2017 and How To Make Them Happen
05 / 06 / 17

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We’ve found a lot of our customers can sometimes have a little trouble getting all parts of their wedding to come together. Theming, food, décor and venue all play a part in the larger picture of a special day. Let’s take a look at the 3 most popular wedding themes of 2017 and how to make them come together.

1. Rustic

Carrying on from a 2016 trend, Rustic is still reining supreme in 2017. This theme draws strong inspiration from outdoor country, farm and garden aesthetics and features beautiful styling elements from bark, flowers and hessian.
One venue we’ve found that matches this theme perfectly is Collingwood Children’s Farm in Abbotsford. This beautiful venue provides the perfect natural feel to events and functions as it overlooks the stunning meadows surrounding the Yarra River.


To perfectly match this, our Grazing Sharing Plates menu really enhances the rustic wedding experience by allowing guests to serve themselves creating a fun atmosphere.

Add to this with our pop-up marquees that can be themed however you like, to suit the outdoor rural setting of this attractive theme.

2. Classic/Traditional

One theme that never seems to die out is the classic and timeless traditional theme. Embodying the old-fashioned and traditional touches that are still popular in modern weddings, this theme embodies class and culture. From classic cars to the characteristically beautiful décor, this theme is almost certainly not fading out.

Modernising this theme, parties tend to try and stay away from the traditional church wedding and move into something a little more different. Screaming elegance is a favourite venue of ours, Malvern Town Hall. This venue is easily customisable to suit your wedding theme.


Photography: Stirling Photography (
Styling/Flowers: Flowers by Zofi (

We’ve found a perfect menu to sit this style is a Sit Down menu. 3 beautiful courses of gratifying formal sit down food can really add to the overall classic experience that you want to create.
Why not add a little more class to the wedding with Gourmet Cocktails.

3. Contemporary & Glamorous

A more modern approach to a wedding, however this theme incorporates more glamorous elements such as metallics and beautiful lighting.

This theme allows many parts of the wedding to be flexible and wider-ranging. One venue that really helps to create your own unique space is Two Ton Max in North Melbourne. This blank-canvas style venue is well-equipped and beautifully detailed.


Photography: Stirling Photography (
Styling/Flowers: Flowers by Zofi (

Buffet style menus can really aid in having a flexible wedding while pleasing all guests.

Across all of our services, Fabulous Catering is able to make your day special. We can help you with theming, staffing, food, venues and much more. We’re here to help deliver your special day, taking away the stress to help you enjoy the fun.

Take a look at our services, menus and equipment hire options. We also partner with a whole range of different venues too.

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