Top 5 Party Food Games!
19 / 10 / 17

Spring is here and the hot weather means plenty of time for merrymaking that’s allowed to get a bit messy! Why not couple your love for sunshine with your love for food and set up some hilarious food based games that’ll have the grownups acting like kids again! Here are 5 party games that require food (and maybe a clean set of clothes).

  1. Table setting competition

A most unique and potentially strenuous mind exercise that’ll bring out the creative within! Grab a handful of disparate props and get two teams to create a themed table setting with a story based on whatever items they have at their disposal. Alternatively you can get them to bring in their own props. Here’s a little bit of inspiration from a TV series that did the same thing with hilarious consequences.

  1. Pasta Relay (fancy pastas)

Forget the usual relay your kids have with soggy plain pasta. Make it worth your while with a bevy of delicious high quality pastas showcasing all Italy has to offer. The aim of the game is to have one person seated (the eater) and another (the runner) who runs from a bowl of pasta to the eater with bite sized morsels of pasta on a fork, going to and fro till it’s all eaten. In this case, be sure to use a variety of quality artisanal pastas with different sauces. Not only will this be fun to watch, but an absolute treat for the person on the receiving end of the race.

giphy-downsized (1)

  1. M Berry food competition

You may have heard of this absolutely bizarre-o product but it’s an experience you’re sure to remember for a life time. M-berries temporarily alter the receptors of your taste buds, making sour or bitter foods taste sweet. People allege vinegar to taste like caramel or onions to taste like apples! Get a whole group of people around to try different foods, or blind fold a daredevil to try all the foods and guess what he’s eating after taking the tablet.

  1. Baby food guess game

Speaking of blind folds… The baby food guess game is not for the faint hearted. The flavorless emulsion that makes up infant food is often made up of base items without any additives. It’s also pretty nasty. Blind fold two guests with good stomach and get them to try and guess what ingredients make up the food. Whoever loses has to drink a mystery emulsion made up of everything mixed together!giphy-downsized (2)

  1. Eating competition

Ahh, nothing beats the traditional eating competition. It’s a national sport in the some countries where the stakes are as high as cholesterol levels.  While watching a vein pop out on a participant’s forehead is pretty exhilarating, at least make sure that the food they’re cramming down is absolutely DELICIOUS. In fact, we’re pretty sure the better the food the more they’ll be able to ingest (though struggle to digest).


Whether some (or all) of the games above are looking like plausible activities for your next party, be sure to have everything prepared with Fabulous Catering by your side. We’ll provide the pasta, platters and plates to your fancy event, ready for a foodie fiesta you’re sure to adore.