Winter Birthday Ideas
24 / 07 / 17

Winter… you either love it or you hate it. And if your birthday is in winter, then you don’t really have much choice.

Whether you’re embracing the cold or loathing the icy breeze, here are some cool ideas for a winter birthday party to suit everyone and beat the winter blues!


Entertain the gaggles of kids by theming your party! This is so easy, whether you’re at home or hosting it at a venue. Here are some ideas for themes to consider;

  • Winter Wonderland – Create paper snowflakes and snowmen from cotton wool! Add some hot chocolate to keep everyone warm!
  • Pajama Party – There’s nothing that screams winter more than cosy pajamas!
  • Dance – Keep the warmth flowing with a dance themed party with some competitions.

Give the kids some entertainment too! You could consider booking entertainment like a magician, or go DIY with games, competitions and more!

Keep the food warm and hearty with a wide fingerfood selection.



Adults are not always the easiest to please, but there’s a wide variety of options to consider to help you cater for everyone. Here are some of our ideas;

  • Dinner Party – Keep it classy with a formal occasion.
  • Decade themed – Create a bit of fun around with theming around a certain decade – why not 70s, 80s or 90s?
  • Beer/wine tasting – Food and alcoholic beverages are an excellent combo when keeping adults happy. Explore our drinks catering to see what appeals to you.

Some warm winter food can help to keep bodies warm and spirits high in the winter. Why not try a traditional spit roast our some gourmet fingerfood.


Spit Roasts


These are just some of our more simple suggestions, however, our team are on hand to help provide a party experience from start to finish, making your life so easy, even if you’re on a tight budget or time frame. Contact us here to book with us.