Work Christmas Parties: Fun office ideas that your staff will actually enjoy!
06 / 11 / 17

The silly season has arrived!

So it’s officially time to plan the office Christmas party.

Throwing a staff Christmas party is no small feat. Whether you have an office of 5 or an office of 50, we have a bunch of fun ways to celebrate EOY and the Christmas season with your team.

Whether your company goes the whole hog with a themed party or a more laid back approach with beers and a feast, it’s generally a great time to catch up with co-workers, look back at the year and get a break from the standard work environment.

So put away the cringe-worthy banners and mini-trees, and try one of these new Christmas party ideas.



Themed party

Why not have a Christmas or funny theme for the day so everyone gets the chance to dress up and let their hair down!

You can go fancy, with a masquerade ball theme or funny, with an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Decorate the office, design games around the theme and have the party catered with everyone’s favourite food and drinks.

If there are people in the office who aren’t into dressing up or have a busy out-of-work schedule, it’s always fun to have a dress up station at work with some crafts and out fits so everyone can get involved.



Kris Kringle

There is more than one way to do a Kris Kringle – and the best part is you can set whatever limit and make it either silly or serious.

You can play by the traditional Kris Kringle rules, where everyone spends the same amount and you pick your present receiver at random.

So no one knows who they are getting you can use a random generator, such as Secret Santa Elf to email everyone who they have!

Or… You could play our favourite version – Dirty Santa..

Which, isn’t as bad as the name implies

After the first person has opened their gift, every subsequent person can either choose to open their gift, or steal the already-opened gift of someone who went before them.

You are NOT ALLOWED to open your gift first, so it’s always a gamble: will your gift be better than the one you want to steal?

This continues until the last gift is opened (the best gift is always stolen several times), then the first person who kicked off the game can choose from all the opened gifts.


Cocktail lessons

You can actually organize for a cocktail professional to come to you and teach you and your work mates how to make all of your favourite cocktails!! How perfect is this!

Before you know it, you and your team will be mixing drinks like pros, from new creations to classics. This kind of event works brilliantly for both big and small teams.

We partner up with Liquid Infusion who hold amazing cocktail workshops as well as craft beer tasting with ten international beers, so you can pick your favourite and take notes for your next get-together.



Finally, and most importantly!

Don’t forget to feed your work fam!

Food is always the priority and you want to make sure everyone’s dietary needs and pallets are satisfied, so save the fuss and book in some catering.

Check out our packages designed especially for Christmas parties here, or for even more verity click here for our finger food menus.